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Vertical Sliding Doors

The CDL vertical sliding door is a counter-weighted system providing the best in convenience, reliability and safety. Ideal for corridors and spaces with limited side room and ample headroom or where space is at a premium, the design results in an unobstructed clear opening and is ideal for film, theater and music venues where high attenuation sound barriers are critical to the success of a performance.

Superior Sound Proof Vertical Lift Doors from CDL

This smooth and quietly operating vertical lift door is available with acoustic performance up to STC70 in combination and up to two-hour fire rating per NFPA 252, thus eliminating the need for additional fire shutters.

Designed and built as a complete vertical sliding gate by CDL engineers to provide a space saving and convenient door solution. The CDL acoustic vertical sliding door system is a product proven with independent laboratory testing and decades of in-field acoustic tests. This vertical sliding door system features controlled acceleration and deceleration cycles in opening and closing the door and uses abundant safety features, such as; instant stop wireless safety edge, constant contact control buttons, a braked motor and safety cable.

Product Features
  • Auto operated vertically lifting solutions for smooth, quiet and reliably function
  • Utilizes a weighted counter balance system for ease of operation and safety
  • Featuring controlled acceleration and deceleration over the door opening and closing cycle
  • Proprietary sealing system designed for high performance and longevity
  • Proven product with independent acoustical laboratory tests and decades of NIC field test results
  • Provided with redundant safety features
  • Fire Ratings up to two-hours per NFPA 252
  • Factory Finished with Plastisol coating, available in a variety of colors.
  • Single Sliding
  • Multi-leaf doors
  • Interior and Exterior versions of product
Accessories & Custom Features Available
  • Vision Lites
  • Pass doors