Steelman® Swing Doors | Steel Acoustic Fire Rated Swing Doors from CDL

Steelman® Swing Doors

Swing doors have been used for many years to define and separate areas, for privacy, security and temperature control. CDL Steelman® acoustic swing doors are available as all steel or composite door sets, depending upon the size, attenuation and fire rating.

Swing Doors Designed for Easy Operation & Maintenance

CDL Doors' Steelman® swing doors are incredibly easy to operate and maintain, and meet the American Disabilities Act (ADA) pull force requirements. These high attenuation acoustic doors are independently laboratory tested and offer superior sound isolation up to STC60, giving a long life solution that meets both high performance and access requirements. Fire ratings are optional.

CDL acoustic steel and composite swing doors are custom built and always come as a door set including frame, leaf, factory finish and hardware. Both door types feature proprietary hinges with integrated thrust bearing for ADA pull force compliance.

A Variety of Swing Door Specifications Available

Unlike wooden doors, steel swing doors do not warp or split and are suitable for high attenuation and fire resistant applications. Fire rated acoustic all steel doors are available up to two hours according to UL10c. Fire Rated Oversized Acoustic doors also are available with up to two hours according to NFPA252.

Suitable for interior or exterior use with interior and exterior thresholds available. Other hardware includes door closers, a variety of locks and levers, sports hall push bar and hardware for fire egress doors. Doors can also be prepared for access control systems. Contact us for your specific hardware requirements.

CDL Steelman® Acoustic metal swing doors are made from steel and provide superior strength and insulating properties, making them suitable as sound barriers (acoustic doors) up to STC57. Available as single or double leaf door, CDL steel hinged acoustic swing doors come complete as a door set with door leaf, frame and...
CDL acoustical oversized metal swing doors are designed to your custom sizes. Made from heavy duty steel faced acoustic panels to provide superior strength and insulating properties, making them suitable as sound barriers up to STC56. Fire ratings are optional up to two hours to NFPA252.
Product Features
  • Independently tested acoustical doors up to STC 57
  • Fire Ratings to UL 10c and NFPA252
  • Proprietary door hinge with integrated thrust bearings
  • Steel Swing Doors meet ADA pull force compliance
  • Factory finished with a Polyester Powder Coat Paint for Steel Swing Doors, and Plasitsol Coated Steel for Oversized Composite Doors, in your choice of RAL color.
  • Delivered as a complete assembly, including door frame and all finish hardware
  • Supervised installation
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Single leaf
  • Double leaf
  • Unequal leaves
  • Bi-Fold
  • Multi leaves
Accessories & Custom Features Available
  • Vision Lites
  • Pass doors built into Oversized Composite Door leaves
  • Corten Finish
  • Prepared for Cladding