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NFL Los Angeles - Inglewood, Los Angeles.

NFL Los Angeles - Inglewood, Los Angeles.

NFL Los Angeles - Inglewood, Los Angeles.
High Performance Horizontal and Vertical Acoustic Sliding Doors

Architect: Gensler
Acoustician: Newson Brown Acoustics LLC
Contractor: Howard Building Corporation

Summary: NFL Los Angeles is a 450,000 square foot state-of-the-art technical facility with 214,063 square feet of office space and 74,922 square feet of studio and studio support space, located next to the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Los Angeles.

Due to the proximity of the SoFi stadium CDL™ provided STC56 high-performance horizontal and vertical sliding doors to the interior and exterior of the building, allowing uninterrupted use of the recording studios and optimisation of the space,

The Project

Studio 1 showcases an impressive 21' wide x 12'6" high STC56 CDL™ Vertical Sliding Acoustic door, mounted on the interior wall of the studio; this door opens up, leaving the adjacent wall space free for Gensler’s design of windows with a view to the SoFi stadium right outside.

With a hand painted mural of NFL players on the studio side of the vertical sliding door, the door, doubles as a backdrop to NFL broadcasts. The high attenuation of STC56 was therefore paramount to ensure NFL media coverage remains uninterrupted from external noise during broadcasts and studio recordings.

When the vertical sliding door is in the open position it is invisible from the exterior of the building and doesn’t impinge on the clean lines of the façade or the wall of windows. The door does not require any floor track and allows clear access to the demo field, an outside turfed area used for game play analysis.

The Green Screen Studio features another STC56 sliding door 18' wide x 9'7" high, The CDL™ Horizontal Sliding Acoustic door mounted on the studio side, allowing free unhindered access to the adjacent busy corridor. Designed to allow clear access for sensitive filming equipment and sets, the door is top hung so no floor track, ensuring ease of movement, freely through the opening.

Both Vertical and Horizontal Acoustic Sliding doors come complete with header track, door leaf, controls and factory finish. The doors are power operated and can also be fire rated up to 2hrs according to NFPA252 and UL10B. The doors can be connected to the building alarm system to open or close on signal in the event of a fire.

CDL™ has been designing and manufacturing acoustic doors for many years – and for a variety of environments. To see how CDL™ can help you come up with the best solution for your project, browse the CDL™ case studies page.

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