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Secure Facility - New York, NY

Secure Facility - New York, NY

Secure Facility - New York, NY
A Fire and Ballistic Rated, Horizontally Sliding Acoustic Door

Architect: Alta Indelman
Acoustician: Shen Milsom & Wilke
Contractor: Shannon Contracting

Summary: On recommendation, CDL was approached to deliver a highly specialized door for a private client. The project required CDL to deliver specialized attributes of a fire rated, acoustic, ballistic door to meet the end users requirements

Clark Door provided an STC 56 high performance horizontal sliding door, fire rated two hours (NFPA 252) and also carried a Level 3 ballistic that met UL 752. 

The project was an upgrade and modernization of an existing facility, expanding the structure and adding modern sound reduction elements.  The CDL horizontally sliding door allowed access to a load-in space without taking up valuable space typically required of a metal swing door opening. 

Because of the unique requirements of the facility, CDL had to incorporate safety features and special materials to the door to meet the ballistic requirement. The CDL engineering team was able to integrate the ballistic materials and account for the extra weight without impacting either the fire rating or acoustic performance of the door.

  • CDL provided a two hour NFPA fire rating and STC 56 performance in one door system.
  • The CDL engineers met the challenge of integrating ballistic steel plating to accommodate the need for Level 3 Rating per UL 752.
  • CDL partnered with a local installation group to coordinate with our factory supervisor and to provide future maintenance. 

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