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The SHED - Hudson Yards, Manhattan, New York City.

The SHED - Hudson Yards, Manhattan, New York City.

The SHED - Hudson Yards, Manhattan, New York City.
Custom Sound and Fire Rated Horizontal Sliding Doors

Architect: DRSNY
Acoustician: Akustiks
Contractor: Sciame

Summary: The Shed is a highly acclaimed and innovatively designed Cultural Center in Hudson Yards, Manhattan, New York City.  The Shed produces and presents a variety of performing arts, the building itself is transformative with the telescoping outer shell moving to accommodate performances in all weathers. 

Goods access to each level of The Shed is via a freight elevator: Clark Door provided custom engineered acoustic door solutions for Gallery levels 2 & 4, Theater level 6 and Event Space level 8 to provide STC45- STC56 sound insulation to the noise from the elevator.


Our Project

On the Gallery levels 2 & 4 DSRNY architects required a door to clear the artworks on the walls so they need not be removed from the wall each time the elevator door was used.  CDL team designed the STC45 horizontal sliding doors 17’-9” wide x 19’ high with a custom built curved track. Engineered to move away from the fixed construction during opening, the door clears the art wall by 16” and slides back into place seamlessly. The design of these Gallery level doors is  a new innovative “in-fitting” design.  The door is clad in a white Gyproc to match the walls to provide a flush finish. Visually the track is exposed to fit with the industrial feel of The Shed and The Hudson Yards site history.

Theater Level 6 door is a high attenuation STC56 horizontal sliding door, 17’-9” wide x 22’ high. This door is a get in door for the theater, the door is finished in a standard black, hard wearing Plastisol Coated finish. All of the doors are power operated with safety features including CDC controller, push to hold operation and safety edges.

On the top 8th floor the Clark Door engineered solutions became equally important both from a technical and visual standpoint. Separating the open Event Space are two very large horizontal sliding doors. These are both STC56 rated doors, one door is 20' wide x 10'-6" high, the other is 10' wide x 10’-6” high. The architect chose to clad these doors with textured blackened ash wood.

The third STC45 door is 17-'9" wide x 10'-6" high and located in front of the freight elevator. This door is clad in a white felt to match the event space walls.


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The Shed Exterior
Single Horizontal Sliding Door - The Shed
The Shed In-Fitting Horizontal Sliding Door
In-Fitting Single Horizontal Sliding Door - The Shed
The Shed

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