Horizontal Sliding Doors

Horizontal sliding acoustic doors are space saving, unlike swing doors, when in the open position they do not obstruct the opening. The CDL acoustic horizontal sliding door is available from STC35 up to STC60. Using minimal projected space into the building these doors are ideal for spaces where there is nominal headroom above the doorway opening and ample wall space.

The CDL horizontal acoustic sliding door is designed without a floor track for easy access of equipment. These doors are frequently used in performing art spaces, movie studios and recording studios, where large openings are required for access to build sets but where there is also a requirement for high acoustical attenuation up to STC60 and fire resistance up to two hours according to NFPA252, avoiding the use of noisy roller shutter doors.

Power operated and not to be confused with 'elephant doors' made from concrete, the CDL horizontal sliding door is quiet, with smooth operation and does not requires pneumatic seals. Equipped with safety edge and push to hold operation, these doors are custom designed and manufactured to your specification up to 65ft wide x 65ft high. Contact us for larger doors.

For projects outside of the US, the door meets European Standard EN1632 and British Standard BS:476 Part 22 for fire ratings up to two hours.

Product Features
  • Uses no floor track
  • Top hung system that provides a smooth, quiet and reliable function
  • Featuring controlled acceleration over the door opening and closing cycle
  • Proprietary sealing system designed for high performance and longevity
  • Proven product with independent laboratory tests and decades of field test results
  • Completely engineered and manufactured as a complete system from CDL
  • Provided with constant contact control buttons and Instant stop wireless safety edge
  • Provided with constant contact control buttons and Instant stop wireless safety edge
  • Factory Finish – Plastisol coating available in a variety of colors
  • Single Sliding
  • Bi-Parting Sliding
  • Telescoping Multi-leaf Doors
Accessories & Custom Features Available
  • Vision lites
  • Pass doors
  • Partial Open Function