Vertical Sliding Doors

The CDL single acoustic vertical sliding door is ideal for corridors and spaces with limited side room and ample headroom. In addition to minimising floor area taken up by the door, the single sliding acoustic door will deliver the highest acoustical attenuation.  No threshold or floor track is required, the door seals directly to the floor, giving a level plain, ideal for accessibility of both people and equipment - no cleaning or maintenance of floor tracks required.

Custom designed and manufactured to your specification, CDL single acoustic vertical moving doors are suitable for exterior as well as interior use and available in sizes up to 65ft wide by 65ft high and from STC45 to STC60. Call our team to discuss if you require larger sizes.

CDL vertical moving doors feature weight counterbalance and chain drive for safe reliable trouble free operation, with microprocessor drive for accurate speed and positioning control. Electrically operated linear drive system and controller is Clark CAC system, manufactured by CDL.

Product Features
  • Auto operated vertically lifting solutions for smooth, quiet and reliably function
  • Utilizes a weighted counter balance system for ease of operation and safety
  • Featuring controlled acceleration and deceleration over the door opening and closing cycle
  • Proprietary sealing system designed for high performance and longevity
  • Proven product with independent acoustical laboratory tests and decades of NIC field test results
  • Provided with redundant safety features
  • Fire Ratings up to two-hours per NFPA 252
  • Factory Finished with Plastisol coating, available in a variety of colors.
  • Single Sliding
  • Multi-leaf doors
Accessories & Custom Features Available
  • Vision Lites
  • Pass doors